And to Think we haven't posted these yet?

So we've been quite behind with everything we've been wanting to do & update with the site so I figured I would catch things up on our Myspace & 1up sites with all of the Top 5's & QCF's that have been working on, we're currently on episode sixteen & we will be recording episode seventeenth tonight! until then I figured I would go ahead & catch up with what's been happening as of late because we have a shit tone of new updates for those who are casual listeners or don't pay attention to "what's in the know" (I'm one of those people....all of the time!).

The first order of things in which I actually still haven't been able to implement it yet is set up the upcoming voicemail that we plan on having playing in every future episode of Press Pause Radio in a Voicemail that we hope to catch on in a awesome new segment that will soon be in the works & as well we also be setting up occasional live broadcasts once I get the appropriate software & equipment where Paco & I will be doing a Live segment where we will cover an assortment of different random topics that haven't been done in the podcast or others that we can take the opportunity to touch on & as well special events like the Megaman Gauntlet I made mention of in my personal blog. This i will be known as Press Pause Radio Live which will be announced in subsequent episodes of the Podcast. Next I wanted also cover is that we will also be trying to move forward more with tying to create a community once our listener base picks up & do what we call "PPR Community night". The PPR Community Night will be a game we either just choose ourselves or it'll be a vote by you guys on the Forums, either way it'll be bitchen'. we'll be heading out our first PPR Community Night with Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars for The Wii, we'll post our friend codes up soon & every one can meet up with when we have that schedule take place soon enough as the date is still tentative.

The Second big change & much welcome addition is the fourth chair in Press Pause Radio which is Serraxor. You may have heard of him with Bullet Heaven & Casually Hardcore & we have the pleasure of now having being apart of the PPR fold, he's going to bring a lot to the Podcast & we're all honored that he's come aboard. Press Pause Radio is now a four chair traditional Podcast with Varying opinions & different directions to come at you with...It's a sign of things to come with Press Pasue Radio & I couldn't be happier. PPR set out to do one thing when we became a podcast & that was to set ourselves apart from any other Video game based Podcast out on the web & in the positive light when we mean apart from the rest! the line of it's not your Everyday Podcast kind of has the Duality of are sporadic updates of going from Bi-Weekly to monthly to weekly will hopefully end soon & we want to thank all the listeners for baring with our Schedule conflicts but we're all committed to keeping Press Pause Radio going & increasing our voice on being heard! until then Thank you guys, you really are the reason why we do this & giving back to the gamer community this way has been more than fulfilling so far so thanks again & let's move forward to usher in the age of PPR!

& now without further a do! time to post the four episodes that we have yet to enlighten all of you folks with....
Greetings everyone, welcome to a new year and a new Press Pause Radio! We have many great things lined up to start this year off right including our end of the year podcast, episode thirteen. We at Press Pause Radio got together right before the curtain closed on 2009 to discuss our individual top ten games of the year, as well as what we were looking forward to in the next year. This is a Long one so put up a chair!

Episode#13 End of The Year Extravaganza!
It's a New, & we at Press Pause Radio are celebrating in style! We introduce the fourth host of PPR & discuss the Difficulty in Video Games. Toast discusses his feelings towards Bayonetta as well as games you can play with your significant other. Happy New Year from Press Pause Radio!

Episode#14 You see that Jump?!? Fuck that Jump that's what!
Strap on your Wiimotes and check on your HDTV insurance policy, because Press Pause Radio returns with episode fifteen! This episode we will discuss motion-control, and the success of the Nintendo Wii. All three of the major console makers are now releasing motion-control games and peripherals. Is this a trend that will only continue to grow, or simply a fad that will eventually fade away completely? Georgieboy will share his top five bands influenced by video games, as well as review a Sega Saturn classic: Panzer Dragoon.

Episode#15 Motion control without a masturbation joke...I think?
what Happens when you take two underground to the casual & famous to the hardcore Publishers? & compare & contrast the two? you get mash up of corny liners & amazing localization. with this along with Ser's Take on the Top 5 best consoles to import for & Final Fantasy IV on the Wonderswan, we examine the similarity & defined difference between Working Designs & Atlus as George waxes on Virtual Boy & the Pelvic Pea-knuckle!

Episode#16 Our Podcast Episodes go to 11! on episode 16?

Press Pause Radio Retrospective: Everyone Loves Trials HD


"No mustard on my ham sandwich, I want my bike! It's Trials time!" Toast talks about a game that has been released and looked over until now in a segment we like to call Press Pause Radio Retrospective.

  It's winter, the time of year where many people living in the Midwest prefer to stay inside and escape the cold and harsh weather. I personally hate and despise winter, even if it is a great time to catch up on games I have missed out on in the past year or so. My friends and I recently had the great pleasure to discover a downloadable game that was released during Xbox 360's Summer of Arcade promotion in 2009. Trials HD is a interesting hybrid of racing and puzzle game, showcasing 3D visuals on a 2D plane. The object of the game is simple; race from the beginning of the course to the finish line as quickly as possible. That is where the simplicity ends, and the insanity and non-stop action truly begins to take shape. 

     Upon first look it would seem like this title is simply just a motocross racing game, something I have no interest in whatsoever. I now know that Trials HD is more of a physics based puzzle game than anything else, and is what makes the title so enjoyable and accessible to all. During a recent blizzard here in Ohio, myself and a few of my friends decided to play some game trials and Rock Band 2. It's a rarity in this house when the drum set and guitars are not present during a party or get together. On this special night, Trials HD is all we really needed. The trial consists of three levels and one bike, which does not even scratch the surface of the game's 35 track and twelve skill games total. (The Big Pack Expansion also includes additional tracks and Skill Games) My friends in general are not considered to be avid gamers, and with the exception of Rock Band or Wii Sports do not play video games at all. My best friend actually loved playing Trials so much that he offered to pay for the full game so we could play more. I cannot think of a better product endorsement than that. Why does this game appeal to such a broad range of people? I think it's the insane tracks and physics, as well as the competitive nature of the game.


     The game supports a friends and online leader-board which will constantly update with your friend's top time and scores, similar to Geometry Wars 2. Seeing this on the screen is a constant reminder that your best run is only a few seconds from what your friend has accomplished, and pushes the player to continue and improve. It even becomes a competition with people in the same room as you, which occurred while we played through all of the different courses and skill games. It was a great feeling to see my friends passing the controller, striving to get the fastest run through a difficult course. The physics also played an important role in that night's festivities, producing several jaw dropping moments when a insane jump was successfully landed or an explosion sent the nameless driver hundreds of feet into the air.


    I implore everyone reading to either download the free trial on Xbox Live Arcade, or search on the PC for the free flash games of the original Trials. I cannot recommend this title enough for the next party or snow day you may have.


PPR 15

We are continuing to filter through the past few week's worth of podcasts and updates, as we try to bring everything up to date. We recorded this episode at the beginning of February, and are now able to finally upload it and share it with all of you. Sorry once again for the delay, but rest assured that we will be current with the show and updates from this point on. Thanks again everyone!

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PPR 14

Hello everyone, I know you are probably wondering why there have been a lack of updates on the website. We here at Press Pause Radio have been taking time to find alternatives for podcast hosting as well as creating a dependable feed for our episodes here on the website. I am happy to report that the episodes now will be posted on the website as soon as they are edited, and also available on our iTunes page. We do apologize for the delay, and appreciate the patience of you, our Press Pause Radio faithful.

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Quarter Circle Forward Review: Bayonetta

Toast here with your Quarter Circle Forward review for the week of January 10, 2010. I reviewed Bayonetta, a stylish action game for the Xbox 360. You can read the full review below, and if you have any comments about the game, I ask that you leave them here or on our forums. Enjoy!

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PPR 13

Greetings everyone, welcome to a new year and a new Press Pause Radio! We have many great things lined up to start this year off right including our end of the year podcast, episode thirteen. We at Press Pause Radio got together right before the curtain closed on 2009 to discuss our individual top ten games of the year, as well as what we were looking forward to in the next year.

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NSMBWii....what is he comparing it to again?

I'm not even going to address just how late this entry is (Fuck...I just did though) Press Pause Radio is coming back into full swing though, & there's no more R&R, we should be recording our end of the year episode before we next record into 2010. I figured that before we go & release a new episode, I figured that I go ahead & release the piece that I have been working on in corraspondance with the comparison I made in episode twelve of Press Pause Radio where we discussed New Super Mario Bros.Wii & I compared it to another game that most people would never expect me find kinship in when place side by side each other.

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PPR 12

Greetings Press Pause Radio listeners, all four of you....

I'm only joking everyone, my mother just subscribed so I know that we're half way to reaching double digits. Our latest episode is all about New Super Mario Bros Wii, perhaps the best Wii game to come out this year. I certainly know it's been the game of choice for the three of us recently. This title really does present itself as a combination of the best aspects of previous Mario titles. The art style and innovation of Super Mario World, mixed in with the levels and enemies reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 3 and a side of New Super Mario Bros DS. We also discuss the pros and cons of Valve's latest release, Left 4 Dead 2.

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