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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 125 - Super Chain Crusher Horizon

shooting game with 3200 horizontal lines of resolution? Break out a second monitor, 'cause here comes Super Chain Crusher Horizon, a chain-based shooting game with one of the most extreme aspect ratios we've ever seen! But how does it stack up?



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Bullet Heaven EX Double-Feature

'm clawing back into the saddle to get more content out after being sick and otherwise indesposed... and the first thing I needed to do was get some deets out on a sweet Bullet Heaven Giveaway with special thanks to our friends at Rockin' Android!


For all you Press Pause Radio fans out there, I'll be giving away two copies on our next Non-Gamesclub episode, to keep your feeds open, ears peeled and your Desura windows ready! 


I've been craving Luftrausers now more than ever since I got to play the updated version at PAX East 2013. Luckily, Vlambeer had made a Flash game in 2011 which is what thier upcoming shmupalicious win-nugget is based on, called Luftrauser (without the S.) It's a much simpler game, but the core mechanics are just as solidand every bit as addictive. Oh, and you can play it for free

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 70 - Cloudphobia

pisode 70 of Bullet heaven HD takes a look at Marsbound and Rockin' Android's Cloudphobia, the first PC review in the whole series to date! How does this Yoko Doujin shooter fare? Watch to find out!

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