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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 62 - Zero Wing (PC-10GINE #3)

he Bullet Heaven PC-10gine continues! What you're seeing has been captured and reviewed from genuine PC Engine Duo-R hardware for 2013's special episode set!

In episode 62 of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at Zero Wing, a Toaplan-developed side-scroller with an infamous past...  

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Bullet Heaven, Episode M1 -  Vritra

ini. Mobile. Shmups.


Welcome to Bullet Heaven M, the mini, snack-sized, on-the-go Bullet Heaven looking at Mobile and Handheld shooters for your phones, tablets and portable gaming systems. This Season 4 series will examine games that we just can't directly record for Bullet Heaven (PSP notwithstanding) in a shorter, concise format.


Didn't like it? Let me know where to improve, and Bullet Heaven M will evolve in turn!


In Episode M-1, we take a look at the 2012 iOS and Android release, Vritra, a side-scrolling shmup with dragons. Worth the $2? Watch to find out!


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 56 - Kyuiin

Space fighters and heavily-armed mecha are overrated, especially when you have the utter destructive power of a.... vacuum cleaner??

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Trouble Witches Neo! REVIEW (XBLA) - Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 52

It has been a long time coming and finally, the oft-requested Trouble Witches Neo! Gets a review. It's not often that an indie game get this level of treatment on the XBLA marketplace, but does Trouble Witches Neo! live up to its expectations? 

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Akai Katana REVIEW (Xbox 360) - Bullet Heaven, Episode 51

After a fairly lengthy hiatus, Daeruna's back, and we can safely say: sometimes being wrong is the best thing ever! With Europe getting so much shooting love with games like DoDonPachi Resurrection, Rising Star Games brings Cave's Akai Katana to the Xbox 360, and shows that there can still be retail-released Shmups in North America after the questionable Otomedius. But is it worth your time? Oh man, sit down and "GET READY"!!

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Gundemonium Collection Review (PSN) -- Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 50 

In the landmark Episode 50 (!!) of Bullet Heaven, we dive into the Gundemonium Collection for PS3. In the past, I dismissed these game because of lackluster sound, but upon closer inspection...
As always, questions and comments are not only welcome, but recommended! Here's to 50 more episodes!

Bullet Heaven, Episode 49 - Sine Mora

Sine Mora is shaking the XBLA Shmup scene with its awesome time-based gameplay and incredible style and presentation! Watch to see why this is a shooter you definitely want to play on your Xbox 360!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 44 - Otomedius Excellent

Power Bar? Check. Options? Check. Multitude of weapons and ships? Check. Cleavage? Wha...? Uhm... Yeah, triple check. Otomedius Excellent lands in North America as the first single, fully-original Gradius game in seven years. But was it worth the wait?


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