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QCF: Persona 5

hen I was ridiculously unemployed, I was afforded the opportunity to see what the all hubbub was about with regards to Atlus' Persona series, starting with the excellent Persona 3. 130 hours later, I asked myself, “How could this series honestly get any better?” Immediately (and almost foolishly) I dove right into the then recently released Persona 4 and found the answer after another 110 hours: Persona 4 was hands down the greatest RPG I had played until then, and ended up being a game that was never matched.

It was a game so good that not only did I spring for the game again – in the form of the P4 Golden: Solid Gold Limited Edition for PlayStation Vita—I also bought a PlayStation Vita for that express reason alone. Yet another 100 hours well-spent.

Naturally, when Persona 5 was announced, I was pretty stoked: If P4 was able to so easily crush P3 with the kind of quality that dripped from its DVD case, what will Persona 5 do? Once again, new hardware was obtained to guarantee the best possible experience – in this case, the PlayStation 4. Another huge box was preordered to continue the Limited Collector's Edition streak that has so far remained unbroken. Was it worth the wait?

In a word: Yes.

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