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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 95 - Gigantic Army

yu-Media has released Astro Port's Gigantic Army on Steam! As a sweet tribute to the 90's Mech-based Run-n-guns like Gun Hazard, Valken and Cybernator, just how does Gigantic Army stack up?


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Rice Digital 

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PPR 82

fter all of those Steam Holiday sales and Humble Bundle deals, your computer must be filled to the brim with some PC-ass PC games; wouldn’t it be swell if you could just play all of those titles on your TV with a controller like a console? Well, Gabe Newell thinks so, and he’s out to prove it with his wave of Gabe-Cubes, err, we mean Steam Boxes.

Join us for a conversation of Jazz Jackrabbit, Ric Flair being arrested, Gone Home, The Canadian Army, Bravely Default, Pokémon Y, Killer Instinct, and more on this first show in the Twenty Del-Quattro.

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QCF: Contrast

hose familiar scenes from a movie you can’t quite remember, the ones with the atmosphere of streetlights and Deco art posters, streets filled with cabarets and burlesque shows for fellas and dames— The Great Gatsby withstanding , the 1920’s is an era so vaguely romanticized for its appearance over culture . It was always what was seen or heard versus what was said or done, with all of the style and bravura on stage and never too much indulged on the history and culture behind it.

Compulsion Games means to tell a story that’s born in the thick of it, and while the fiction is rich in intrigue and complimented with exquisite eye candy--Contrast is a collective of ambitious gameplay mechanics that manage to grease that platforming wheel, the rotation however, doesn’t come close to spinning full circle.

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PPR 81

t’s here everyone, and no, we’re not talking about Gamestick. The next generation has finally dawned upon the gaming community in its entirety and we’re here give impressions and chew bubble gum (but we’re all out of bubble gum and us chewing that shit would make for horrible radio anyway.)

We cover everything about Sony and Microsoft’s new machines in every imaginable detail in this special episode. We make predictions, Andrew hates on the Ouya, and James isn’t a fan of Killer Instinct with some Xbox Bing on top—Listen to all thoughts here and stand by as we prepare our annual Game of year award show, The Golden Zonkeys; Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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PAX Prime 2013: Kicking down the Stinky Footboard

 can admit that I have issues when it comes to playing complex video games. So many of the buttons are a strain to reach and different combinations are at times difficult to execute. This is greatly expanded whenever I need to play something on a PC using a keyboard and mouse. By the time I find out which key allows me to run, or how to change the camera mode I have already been taking out by the opposition. It would be nice if playing the game could be simplified in some way, perhaps with the assistance of a strangely named computer accessory. This is where the Stinky Footboard comes to the rescue.

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Bullet Heaven EX - Quickshot Review: Gaurodan

ree to play? Here's our say! Bullet Heaven EX Quickshot takes a look at free shmups from around the net in a quick, concise format. On a scale of one to five stars, you'll get the skinny on what free shmups are worth your time, and which ones should be ignored Gaurodan was released on July 31st 2013 by the Locomolito, one of the most talented indies around. How awesome? Well, sit back and let me tall ya...

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 77 - Diadra Empty

ou know you like dragon shmups, and Rockin' Android brings the goods with Frozen Orb's Doujin shmup, Diadra Empty! One part arena shmup, one part RPG and Two parts Defender come together to make an interesting gameplay experience. But how does it all stack up? 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 70 - Cloudphobia

pisode 70 of Bullet heaven HD takes a look at Marsbound and Rockin' Android's Cloudphobia, the first PC review in the whole series to date! How does this Yoko Doujin shooter fare? Watch to find out!

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