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City of Steam Preview

Some MMORPGS seem much less accessible than others, which is why MOBAs and other strategy games currently dominate the multiplayer world. One studio, however, wants to revitalize the connection between in-game lore and player interest that used to make MMOs among the greatest online role-playing experiences.

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QCF: Hairy Tales 

There's often a fine line between what makes a good and bad puzzle game. While some puzzles can be deceptively hard and rewarding in certain games, other puzzles for some reasons can just be frustrating. And when a game is made of nothing but these challenges, you better be sure that they're fun and well designed, because without anything else, a pure puzzle experience just doesn't have much to fall back on.

Hairy Tales is very much one of those pure experiences. It's a cheap little game that's all about its main mechanic and little else. And while that can be commendable for a pure gameplay centric title, sometimes it just doesn't work.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 57 - A.O. Suguri X 

ROUND 2... FIGHT! ...SHOOT!... Uh, OK, I'll stop that now. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at another nifty genre bender in the vein of Senk no Ronde (Xbox 360)! How does it stack up? 

Special thanks to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy for review!! 

Did you like what you saw here today? Questions and comments are not only welcome but encouraged! Season 3 is a wrap! See you all in Season 4, STARTING SOON! 


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QCF: Stay Dead

Indie efforts generally labor towards the riskier side of things when it comes to developing games. Applying niche genres to their games isn’t too far from said practice and BRUCE Film studios aimed pretty high when they sought to make the FMV (Full-Motion Video) genre relevant again with their latest PC release Stay Dead. Although reliving an era that brought us classics like Double Switch and Wing Commander seems debatable, Stay Dead enforces all the genre’s shortcomings and somehow finds a way add even more flaws.

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QCF: Offspring Fling!

Offspring Fling is a nice blend of puzzle/platform, and the rules are simple enough. As the momma, your job is to get the babies to the door safely. The offspring can be carried (even stacked up) or flung in a straight line. The stage layout and placement of puzzle elements are the barrier to your success. Switches enable or disable blocks, bumpers ricochet objects, enemies will actively obliterate your kin, and so-on. Each new stage gradually incorporates more set peices, and thickens the complexity of the challenge.

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QCF: Ys Origin


The Ys Saga has never really gotten a lot of press in North America, especially with Squaresoft and Enix and later Square-Enix dominating the RPG world for nearly the entire time that Japanese RPGs were popular. In Japan though, Ys has been an extremely popular series on PCs since the first installment showed up on the PC-8801 in 1987. And it's no small wonder, given Ys' super-streamlined game play, enjoyable story with likeable characters and often-hardcore difficulty.

The Adventures of Adol Christian has been a long and cherished one, despite its decidedly niche status. Starting out in North America on the TurboGrafx-16, the series has yet to disappoint me. Fast forward to the present and wouldn't you know it, Ys is still going pretty strong, with Ys Origin, the very latest North American offering in this criminally under-appreciated series, released on Steam from XSEED games. But what's this? No Adol? No exotic vistas? No puzzling riddles or any of the iconic Books of Ys? Well to understand why, you have to understand exactly what Ys Origin is all about. Ys Origin is technically the seventh title in the series, originally released in 2006 on Windows PC in Japan as a prequel to the entire Ys mythos, set 700 years before the events of Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished.

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Press Pause Radio Interview: Freebird Games

Hey everybody! Here to ring in the new year of 2012, we bring to you our newest interview with independent developer and publisher Freebird Games with Head developer/president Kan Gao in the interview seat this time around. We’ll be interviewing them on their newest game To The Moon, and the development process that went into this charming game, as well as the future of Freebird games.

You guys can find the whole interview written here on the site or simply go listen to it in our podcast feed as a special New Year’s edition episode! Be sure to visit http://freebirdgames.com/ and try out the game yourself for free with its hour trial. Without further ado, here’s our interview!

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Fire Fall Multiplayer Impressions: Three Reasons to Get Involved

Whether you're a hardcore gamer or casual player, it's not hard to spot that the gaming medium has an abundance of military shooters, new and old alike. Same weapons most of the time, same options and always the exact same desert like scenery, always meant to reflect the stages of modern warfare (no reference intended) we find ourselves involved with as a planet. These repeated combat scenarios -- though still highly entertaining to most -- still leave many of us to ask, where has the classic futuristic shooter gone?

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