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Bullet Heaven, Episode 171 - Danmaku Unlimited 3

anmaku Unlimited 3 joins the fray on Steam amongst a glut of indie developed bullet hell shooters. Some have been great in the past... many more have been not so hot. How does Danmaku Unlimited 3 Stack up ?

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Vector Strain
Ghost Blade HD: Altered State NOW AVAILABLE!


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QCF: Night in the Woods

o matter how old you are, there’s always going to be this unspoken acceptance between you and the friends you makes; an acceptance of who’s going to stay for the long haul, and who’s going to be a memory, if anything at all. Some of the key elements that define the human condition are ones that’re fundamentally tied to the concept of loneliness and the effects that it has on people.

This leads to a misinterpretation that the relationships we form are done from out of mutual interests and similarities, glossing over the fact that mutual hatreds and fears have a lot to do with who interact with and trust on a daily basis.

There aren’t a lot of experiences that I can think of that have evoked these ugly truths quite like Night in the Woods by Finji. The tagline of the game tells its players that at the end of everything, you have to try to hold onto anything, setting a tone that consistently sticks it to you the further you dive in. The messages and themes offered in the adventure side-scroller are poignant in their relatability to the hardships of youth in modern Americana, and struggle with mental health issues that stem from the experience.

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QCF: Owlboy

he concept of “living to fight another day” has always been a strange perspective, and easily one of the most endearing when it comes to the human condition, and this underdog theme has only resonated with me more and more as I got older—it never stopped being so captivating to me.

As much as I want to believe that I identify with that try-hard sentiment though, the reality is that I would immediately weigh in on the option of cutting my losses before I ever considered staying and finishing what may end up being a losing fight. I kick myself every time I stray towards the mindset, but the realist in me can’t help but eek out some semblance of control over which hill I choose to die on, and which I don’t. It’s this weird struggle to describe, and one that I’ve never really seen explored in great detail within most narratives we consume in modern day media.

That is, until I booted up D-Pad Studio’s Owl Boy; a game starring an introverted hero who’s only wish is to do what he thinks is right in spite of his personal flaws, and the flaws of everyone else around him for that matter. Hidden in this surprisingly charming platformer is a tale that’s deceptively rich with character and heart like none that I’ve seen in quite some time.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 156 - The Hurricane of Varstray

t's not especially often that a super-polished caravan-style vertical shooter is released these days, but Studio Siesta (Trouble Witches Neo!, Episode 52) seems to have it locked down with The Hurricane of Varstray. But how does it stack up?


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QCF: Code of Princess 

reasure's games seem like such a distant memory. Their last original game, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor (Wii) was released all the way back in 2010, with nothing more than re-releases of its now-ancient properties seeing release since.

One such game, Guardian Heroes, would see a release on Xbox Live Arcade, finally making it available to the masses for a very affordable price compared to its original Saturn release. Fast forward to 2013; Code of Princess debuts on the 3DS, by way of Atlus games. It features nearly carbon-copy gameplay to Guardian Heroes with a neat ragtag cast of interesting characters, led by the practically unclothed Princess Solange. It was also a pretty limited release, all told, which is where Degica Games' newly released Steam version of the game comes in.

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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 23 - Deathsmiles Revisited 

n episode 86 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Deathsmiles, am occult-themed, gothic-lolita styled danmaku shooter from cave with gameplay cues straight out of games like Side Arms and Formation Z. We seriously dug it, and now it's available on Steam,  thanks to Degica Games! Just how does it hold up?

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QCF: Umihara Kawase Trilogy

n a lot of ways, action platformers were the first-person-shooters of the 16 bit era. There were really only one, or two franchises that arguably hit it big though, and most of the others were… kinda dumb.

But, every now and again, one of them defied expectations and turns out to be something really neat. Umihara Kawase (Super Famicom), its sequel, Umihara Kawase Shun (PSone) and Sayonara Umihara Kawase (3DS) definitely fall into the latter category, but remained as Asia exclusive releases until their recent Steam emergence by Agatsuma (and subsequently, Degica.) So how does this classic platforming series stand the test of time?

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QCF: Street Fighter V

hen Street Fighter IV was initially released, it far exceeded all expectations among its casual and hardcore fans—and even then, it didn’t last long before Capcom squandered a majority of that good will, with some ill-advised decisions towards the direction of the entry, and it’s content.

Decisions that have prompted the brand to take a different path with the fifth entry, a path that will better speak to the modern sensibilities of content expansion for games today.

Sadly though, Capcom screwed the pooch right out of the gate on this one, and the results make for a solid core game, that’s trapped within a lazy framework that does very little to drive the engagement factor of that core—something that feels oddly unfinished, and rushed.

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