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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 82 - DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

oundless shooting continues! In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD, we're taking a look at one of the very newest shmups released! Hot off the heels of DoDonPachi Resurrection, 2013's DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou is next to bast off! But how does Cave's latest compare...?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 81 - DoDonPachi Resurrection

ave is where its at for modern shooting games, with very little in the way of competition when it comes down to the intense brand of Bullet Hell that they deal. Mushihimesama Futari and Espgaluda II showed us that Bullet Hell doesn't have to be so mean... but DoDonPachi Dai Fukkatsu, released in the UK as DoDonPachi Resurrection, is out to remind us just what this subgenre is all about. If this game were in a back alley, it'd be cracking its knuckles and leering menacingly. How does this iconic Bullet Hell series treat us? Watch to find out in the third installment of the Boundless shooting block!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 80 - Espgaluda II Black Label

oundless Shooting continues with Cave's Espgaluda II Black Label! Originally released to arcades a year befor Mushihimesama Futari, Espgaluda II Black Label saw release on Xbox 360 a year later, and has also since become a very popular international import. But how does it compare? Let's take a closer look!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 79 - Mushihimesama Futari Ver.1.5

he Summer 2013 block, Boundless Shooting, has begun! To kick it all off, we're taking a look at one of the most prolific Japanese Xbox 360 imports ever! Mushihimesama Futari Ver.1.5, also known as Bug Princess 2. With cave's brand of intense Danmaku gameplay and a ton of different modes for anyone, just how does Mushihimesama Futari stack up?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 74 - Strikers 1945 II 

n this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at Strikers 1945 II on the Sega Saturn (JP Version), published in 1998 by Psikyo and also available on a variety of systems. The Wartime shmup is nothing new... can Strikers stand apart?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 73 - Kingdom Grand Prix

hippu Mahou Daisakusen (疾風魔法大作戦): Kingdom Grand Prix, otherwise translated (depending how you interpret it) as "Gale Great Battle of Magic" or "Hurricane Magic Armageddon: Kingdom Grand Prix" is a mouthful to say as well as slick racing/shmup hybrid! But how does this nifty mashup blend together? Watch to find out.

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 71 - Flying Red Barrel

C Indie gaming is a great place to find some quality shmups, and Rockin' Android is on the forefront, bringing some top tier stuff top the west with great games like Cloudphobia, Suguri and Gundemonium! So how does their 2009 release, Flying Red Barrel, fare?


SPECIAL THANKS to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy of the game!


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 59 - Ikaruga

n this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at the fantastic Ikaruga, released on XBLA in 2008. Simplicity and beauty come together with brutal difficulty and sublime control... but how does it stack up? 

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