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QCF: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

ew games get the chance to leave behind the legacy they truly deserve to. In a lot of cases, we see games that’re just regulated as a notable footnote for its time, or a diamond in the rough, or even getting the status of being a cult-favorite among a loyal niche of fans who do what they can to share their reverence of the software—it’s the duality of this in game culture that makes it so exciting, and disheartening all at the same time.

Thankfully, we live in an age where old media is getting hip again, and the trend has not only resurfaced some hits from way back, it’s also opened up the door to some of the more obscure choices of the past to get their own second chance in a modern reimagining.

However, none of these choices could be stranger than Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap developed by Westone for the Sega Master System, a platform that struggled to be anything more than 8-bit nuance to the NES, and leaving little to no chance that the gem was played because of its exclusivity to the Master System. Surprisingly enough however, a new studio by the name of LizardCube has teamed up with Dot Emu to deliver a remastering of The Dragon’s Trap, and do so with a degree that could humble Capcom’s efforts with DuckTales into being a simple throwback by comparison.

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PPR Presents Super Play: Air Zonk

his is the fifth day of our special look at the Bonk Series! We’ll be covering 10 of the bulbous-headed caveman’s titles over the week, and well; we won’t be covering any of them in any specific order either—so deal with it or whatever.

In addition to us continuing to showcase the Bonk series, this also happens to be our inaugural Super Play video; it’s like a Play Play, only we strive to finish the game from start to end, whether we do it on the first go, or we split it up.

This entry is technically a spin-off of the Bonk brand, Air Zonk; a zany, dumb shooter set in the caveman’s future, much like the Jetsons to the Flintstones. This shoot’em up a cult following, and at one point, it’s titular hero was the official mascot of Turbo hardware and products before they went under. Come check out Ser blow through this game like it was nobody’s business in this special Super Play!

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