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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 63 - 1943 Kai (PC-10gine #4)

he Bullet Heaven PC-10gine continues! What you're seeing has been captured and reviewed from genuine PC Engine Duo-R hardware for 2013's special episode set!

In episode 63 of Bullet Heaven the series comes full circle as we take a look at 1943 Kai! This "Wild" 1943 was released in 1991 as an enhanced version of the 1987 original, boasting PC Engine exclusive music and stages!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 59 - Ikaruga

n this episode of Bullet Heaven, we take a look at the fantastic Ikaruga, released on XBLA in 2008. Simplicity and beauty come together with brutal difficulty and sublime control... but how does it stack up? 

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 58 - Under Defeat HD

elcome back to Bullet Heaven! Rising Star Games is back - in the same year, no less - with another physical shoot em up release! Bullet Heaven takes a look at G-Rev's Under Defeat HD, with special thanks to Rising Star Games for supplying our copy for review! This controversial release saw an original release back in 2005 on Naomi Arcade and Dreamcast... so just how does this helicopter-based shooter fare...? 



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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 57 - A.O. Suguri X 

ROUND 2... FIGHT! ...SHOOT!... Uh, OK, I'll stop that now. In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD we take a look at another nifty genre bender in the vein of Senk no Ronde (Xbox 360)! How does it stack up? 

Special thanks to Rockin' Android for giving us this copy for review!! 

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Sonic Wings Special REVIEW (PSN) - Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 54

Sonic Wings (AKA Aero Fighters) has been a fan favorite for almost 20 years. Monkey Paw Games brings us the enhanced 32-Bit version of Sonic Wings Limited as Arcade Hits: Sonic Wings Special. But in today's advanced shooting game batt;efield full of Akai Katanas and Eschatoses, does this PSOne (and Sega Saturn) Import entry in the series hold up, or will you need those rose-tinted glasses after all? 

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Gundemonium Collection Review (PSN) -- Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 50 

In the landmark Episode 50 (!!) of Bullet Heaven, we dive into the Gundemonium Collection for PS3. In the past, I dismissed these game because of lackluster sound, but upon closer inspection...
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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 47 - Pocky & Rocky

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's Episode 47 of Bullet Heaven HD! In this episode, we take a look at a perfect game to play with your significant other: Pocky & Rocky for the Super NES! But don't think this is a walk in the park... Pocky & Rocky has a mean streak a mile wide despite its cute demeanor!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 46 - D-Force

Get. F***ing. Ready. 

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