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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 122 - Border Down

t's time for the Winter Dreams Finale! G.Rev may have made its humble start via NAOMI Arcade and on the Dreamcast by programming games such as Treasure's Ikaruga at first, but their first proper, all-original, in-house title was the rare Border Down, released in 2003. How does this horizontal shooting game kick off G.Rev's awesome history? Watch to find out!

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 121 - Mars Matrix

inter Dreams continues: In episode 87 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at Giga Wing and its sequel, Giga Wing 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. We came away slightly disappointed, mostly because of some crippling input lag, especially in the first game. Developer Takumi makes a return to the Dreamcast with 2001's Mars Matrix... but how does it fare?

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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 118 - Sturmwind

elcome to WINTER DREAMS, the new special block for Series 6! In Series 5 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at five new Dreamcast shooting games from German developers NG:Dev.Team and HuCast. They're not the only ones with new Dreamcast shooting goodness though; Duranik and RedSpot Games released Sturmwind, a horizontally scrolling shmup to the masses in 2013. With clearly different influences from the others we've seen on the Dreamcast since 2009, how does Sturmwind fare?


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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 108 - Neo XYX

he Summer Dreams Block Continues!

In this episode, we take a look at Neo XYX, a vertical shooting game that stands alone as the only Neo Geo game with a true TATE aspect ratio. Making its way to the dreamcast in 2014, Neo XYX also stands as the hardest NG:DEV release to date. How does it stack up?



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Bullet Heaven HD, Episode 106 - Fast Striker ver.1.5

he Summer Dreams Block Continues on Bullet Heaven HD!


In this episode of Bullet Heaven HD, we take a look at the super-varied Fast Striker on the Sega Dreamcast! With three different core modes each with unique ship and scoring behavior, how does this snappy vertical shmup stack up?

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PPR Presents Lime Light: Gunlord

It’s been a while but Limelight is back! We’re going to stream the latest from NG.DEV.Team, the frantic, old-school inspired Gunlord for the Sega Dreamcast! Take one part Super Turrican, one part Magician Lord, a little bit of Metroid, and you’ve got some bat-shit insanity, ripe for streaming! Tune in around Saturday, October 27th, at 9:00 PM pacific time and join us in the chat on our Justin.TV account or settle in for the stream right here where George and Andrew get down on the get down and might have a couple of brews while they’re at it.