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Bullet Heaven EX, Episode 18 - Eschatos Revisited

n episode 53 of Bullet Heaven HD, we took a look at what would arguably be the best shooting game on the Xbox 360: Eschatos. It was great that it was region free, but a high initial pricetag and Japan only release didn't make things easy... until NOW. Degica Games and Qute have released Eschatos to Steam for the whole world to finally enjoy at a great price point. Does it hold up? Let's take a look!


Series 3 Eschatos Review (XB360 - BHHD Episode 53)

Judgement Silversword -Resurrection- (PC - BHHD60 Episode 135)

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Eschatos REVIEW (Xbox 360) - Bullet Heaven HD Episode 53

Region-free games are just great; when a company makes its games accessable to anyone in the world that would like to play it, it's always a great thing. Speaking of great things.....

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